Anatomy of an Aircraft Appraisal

The Anatomy of a GLA Aircraft Appraisal Report

Definition: An aircraft appraisal is an impartial opinion of value prepared by an expert who knows all the factors relevant to the current behavior of the aircraft market. 


In order to arrive at a credible opinion of value an aircraft must be physically examined by an experienced appraiser.  Each component of value (see right) must be identified, verified, and valued separately. Logbooks and records should also be examined for accuracy and completeness. This process is the only accurate way to develop a reliable, credible opinion of value. The report must then be written in conformity to the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) - the gold standard for appraisal practice

Gulfstream_G250 Cutaway.jpg
1. Airframe Green Value
9. Exterior Paint Value
11. Interior Condition Value
2. Airframe Condition Value
3. Inspection Value
5. Airframe Modification Value
8. Engine Modification Value
4. Time Limited Component Value
7. Avionics Equipment Value
6. Engine Residual Value
12. Deicing Systems Value
13. Additional Equipment Value
10. Aircraft Records Value

in North America. Every airplane has a different story to tell.  No two aircraft are the same. Therefore each appraisal assignment requires a unique scope of work based upon the problem the client is attempting to solve.  GLA has the experience, knowledge and expertise required to solve your aircraft appraisal problem. Our services are rendered competently, objectively, and without bias.


Guy Lieser is a Senior Certified Appraiser and member of the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (PAAO) . His opinions related to aircraft value have been upheld in state and federal court systems.  Mr. Lieser is a qualified subject matter expert on USPAP, appraisal methodology and reporting.  To discuss your aircraft appraisal needs, click here or call us directly at 630.815.5499.